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Rainbow Plectrum Earrings

Rainbow Plectrum Earrings

Become a part of the Coin-Operated Press zine love club, and adorn yourself with our Coin-Operated Press Cog earrings! We have combined our love for zine-making and melody-making to create our very own Coin-Operated Plectrum earrings!

A cog is one in a series, whose engagement transmits successive motive force to a corresponding wheel to kick-start the turning of the machine. The Coin-Operated cogs are all of us individuals coming together to create art as one.

Our custom-printed plectrums are made of celluloid. Our cog design is pad-printed onto an upcycled-plastic rainbow pick.

The ear wires and jump rings are 925 sterling silver.

Each pair of earrings comes on a unique handmade collage backing card made by Chloe. Please note that due to the random nature of this art, you may receive a collage different from those that are pictured.