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PDF The Sex Education Zine


Coin-Operated Press invited your sex education submissions for our latest zine!

Sex is a topic that we could all do with educating ourselves a little more on. Pretend that you are in a class of folks anxiously waiting to hear all of the weird and wonderful things you know about sex and delve into this zine of answers from our sex-educating contributors!

In this zine, you will find, safe-slutting how-tos, body-positive strap-on paintings, kinky bingo, tips for touching titties, musings on conical butt-plugs, queer kink, shibari illustrations, sex facts and misconceptions, and much much more!

It’s safe to say that this zine is NSFW! Please, only read if you are 18+ or if you are underage, ask a trusted adult to read it with you - that way you can ask questions about any of the bits you don’t understand and they can provide you with the context you need.

This listing is for the digital version of The Sex Education Zine, which is available as a 56-page zine PDF. After you place your order, we will send you an email that contains your new downloadable PDF zine. Please allow for 1-3 days of processing.