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PDF Depression Walks Zine

PDF Depression Walks Zine

At Coin-Operated Press, we have a coping mechanism for working on our mental health: Depression Walks! We make sure we step outside once a day. We give ourselves the task of taking a photo on our tiny outdoor adventure! It's a small step, but just getting dressed to go outside and breathe fresh air is enough to give us the clarity we need to continue on with our day.

With this in mind, we asked contributors to this zine to join us in a Depression Walk, and 49 wonderful folks submitted art and writing to this zine about mental health.

This listing is for the digital version of the Depression Walks zine which is available as a downloadable 49-page zine PDF. After you place your order, we will send you an email that contains your new downloadable PDF zine. Please allow for 1-3 days of processing.