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PDF Dungeons & Dragons Zine Part 001

PDF Dungeons & Dragons Zine Part 001

Coin-Operated Press asked you to roll for initiative - and you rolled all natural 20s to fill this zine with a fantastic array of DnD inspired art and writing!

Roll up your character sheet, grab your dice bag, and bring your chaotic goblin energy, ready to enjoy 40 adventurous contributors.

In this zine you will unearth lots of character art, tips and tricks on how to play DnD, homebrew items and classes to use in your games! There are monstrous illustrations, an ode to a DM, anxious player poetry, NPC back-stories, and so much more!

This listing is for the digital version of our Dungeons & Dragons Part 001 zine, which is available as a 52-page zine PDF. After you place your order, we will send you an email that contains your new downloadable PDF zine. Please allow for 1-3 days of processing.