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Distro: I Have Complicated Feelings Abt Grimes


I Have Complicated Feelings Abt Grimes by LeahYeah

"I've listened to Grimes' music on and off since 2015. When I first heard it, it was like nothing I'd ever conceived of before. Instant hyperfixation... My original idea for this zine was to pair my favourite Grimes lyrics with my least favourite Grimes tweets which I found very funny. Then, upon reading said tweets I saw an autistic person raised in a world not made for them and internalising that I'm probably projecting. BUT a lot of what I see in Grimes tweets and lyrics is the hatred I directed at myself for being an inadequate human being. It's scary and lonely."

Leah Cameron is a Glasgow-based artist, writer and zine-maker. Their work focuses mainly on mental health, the LGBTQ+ community and anything else that interests them. They explore these topics in myriad ways including comics, poetry, short-form essays and illustrations. You can learn more about LeahYeah here:

I Have Complicated Feelings Abt Grimes is an 8-page folded A6 mini-zine in black ink on mint green paper.

All orders will come packaged in biodegradable mailer bags.