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Distro: On Ederachillis' Shore


We are delighted to publish Rachel Mills' stunning illustrative poetry zine: On Ederachillis' Shore...

"I came across the poem while listening to a video about wolves in Scotland. The imagery and the fear were striking to me, so I began sketching out the stanzas. I wanted my illustrations to have a little more empathy for the wolves than the people in the era being written about would have been able to afford. Having this kind of empathy towards “vermin” animals can help us avoid making any more native animals extinct in Scotland as the wolves were."

You can learn more about Rachel and her work here:

On Ederachillis' Shore is be printed in full-colour on 200gsm recycled silk paper, and stapled to finish as an A5 12-page zine.

All orders will come packaged in biodegradable mailer bags.