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Activity Pack Issue 001

Activity Pack Issue 001

Combat the COVID Blues with our first ever downloadable Activity Pack!

Issue 001 is a 10-page activity pack for everyone to enjoy! Inside this special launch edition you will find an introduction to everything Coin-Operated Press, including: hand-illustrated colouring pages, fun puzzles, and lots of resources to help get you started with zine-making.

Activity Pack Issue 001 is available in PDF format. These pages work best when printed on A4 paper, and we would recommend as thick a paper as your printer can handle, around 200GSM works really well; this way you can use light watercolours, and paints too, as well as inks, fineliners, pencils, crayons, basically anything your creativity can imagine!

We would love to see what you do with your pages! Please email, Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook us with your completed artworks and pass on that awesome creativity!

Activity Pack Issue 001 Contents
1 – Logo Colouring Page
2 – An Introduction to Coin-Operated Press
3 – A hand-drawn Colouring Page by Chloe Henderson
4 – Puzzle Page
5 – Collage Resources Page
6 – “How To Make A Mini-Zine” Printable Mini-Zine
7 – Zine-Making Prompts Page
8 – A hand-drawn Colouring Page by Katie Mayes
9 – A List of Lists
10 – The Coin-Operated Press Manifesto