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The Troll Flayers: A Dungeons & Dragons Zine

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The Troll Flayers: A Dungeons & Dragons Zine

The Troll Flayers zine introduces you to the world of Dungeons & Dragons through the eyes of three new players, and one fantastic Dungeon Master!

Let me introduce you to The Trollflayers... I mean, we only actually flayed a troll one time, and mostly because Jhaan wanted to eat it, but the name kind of stuck. Katie’s partner Aeryn is an experienced Dungeons & Dragons player, and she was wonderful enough to offer to DM for us on our very first adventure together into this fantastic game.

This zine is a documentation of the first few steps we have taken on our journey, as we share with you our story so far, you will get to meet our characters, and we have written a few words about how we are finding the game so far.

Read the story of the adventure so far, featuring delightful artwork, short stories, and personal essays.

Happy playing, and may the dice be ever in your favour!

The Troll Flayers is printed in full-colour on a shiny high-quality 170gsm gloss paper and stapled to finish as an A5 16-page zine.

All orders are shipped in biodegradable mailer bags.