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Earth Zine

£5.00 - £6.00

Earth Zine is a celebration of Earth Day 2021. We invited artists to share their thoughts on the Climate Crisis, their tips for living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, which animals they will miss the most if they are driven to extinction, their Earth Day posters and artwork, how they practice sustainability within their art form, which energy sources they think will make the greatest difference, their predictions for the future of the Earth, and all of their thoughts on the wide world of environmentalism… and they responded magnificently!

Inside you will find 21 eco-friendly creators sharing their love for the beautiful planet we all share through illustration, photography, poetry, installation, and more!

Happy Earth Day and please re-use and recycle this zine once you are finished reading it!

Earth Zine is printed in brilliant full-colour on matte high-quality 170gsm recycled paper, with a 350gsm glossy cover, and it is stapled to finish as an A5 32-page zine.

All orders are packaged in biodegradable mailer bags.